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Active Daylighting

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AiA Skylights has partnered with Sundolier, Inc. to offer AiA customers the Sundolier ®™. Sundolier ®™ is a chandelier that distributes sunlight to interior rooms by washing ceilings and walls with daylight. This method of light distribution creates high quality indirect natural lighting. The roof-top Sundolier ®™ daylight harvester tracks the sun - offering an unsurpassed ability to deliver daylight from sunrise to sunset. The Sundolier ®™ requires minimal roof penetration and is easy to specify. Sundolier ®™ addresses specific needs of central daylighting, and low-bay daylighting. Sundolier ®™ eliminates problems of glare and hot-spots, providing high quantities of daylight (100,000 lumens) with minimal roof penetration. The systems are suitable for NEW and EXISTING Buildings.

Daylighting products from Sundolier, Inc. provide sustainable natural lighting that meets the needs of education, office, retail, health care, and industrial facilities.

Natural daylight is proven to:

1) Increase the speed of learning in educational environments
2) Increase productivity and employee wellness in office and industrial environments
3) Increase sales in retail environments
4) Improve health care environments for reduced lengths of stay and medicine consumed

Sundolier ®™ delivers full spectrum natural sunlight that delights occupants while ensuring that electric lights can be turned off when the sun is available. When daylighting is done right it eliminates electrical demand for light which can also reduce cooling loads. Sundolier ®™ lights up to 5,000 ft2 (460 m2) of space with one 2-foot (0.6m) roof penetration, 10-20 times less than competitive solutions. A optional "Cool Glazing" is available that eliminates heat gain.

Key features and Benefits of Sundolier ®™ Daylighting:

1) No need for electric lights when direct beam sunlight is available
2) Indirect natural light - a new quality standard for daylighting
3) Daylight 1,000 to 5,000 ft2 with a single fixture
4) One 24" roof penetration per Sundolier ®™
5) New construction and retrofit projects

This high quality active daylighting system works best on sunny and hazy days. Backup lighting is required at night time and when clouds completely cover the sun. Like AiA, Sundolier, Inc. is based in Colorado. Sundolier ®™ and AiA will work together to provide excellent service and meet your needs as you participate in doing what's right for your people and the planet.

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