Unlike a curb mount skylight that requires a “curb” to be built for the skylight to mount to, a self flashing skylight is designed to fit directly over the rough opening in the roof deck. 

Because the curb and flashing are built into the skylight and fully sealed upon delivery you will not need to worry about the curb or flashing leaking.  Of course you will have to pay for this piece of mind.  With the curb being built into the skylight the man hours and material involved will increase signifacantly.  The average cost of making a self flashing skylight will be approximately 75% higher than the cost of making a curb mount skylight the same size. 

Self Flashing Skylight Detail

The most important thing to keep in mind when ordering a self flashing skylight from AIA Industries, Inc. is that the dimensions we need in order to guarantee the correct fit is the actual rough opening in the roof deck.  As you can see from the picture above, we will build the skylight to fit directly over the opening in the roof and allow just enough room for drywal or whatever type of finishing material you would like to use to finish the inside of the light well that way you do not see the metal curb from the inside.

Self flashing skylight will require less labor and materials for installation however, the extra time and materials will be imposed by the manufacturer which means the cost of the skylight will be higher.  Deciding which type of skylight to purchase for your project is as easy as deciding if you or your roofing contractor would rather build a custom curb and flashing for said curb or if you would rather spend the extra money to have the curb and flashing built into the skylight.

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