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Standard Circular Skylight Worksheet


(Custom skylights are non-returnable. Be sure to double check measurements for accuracy.   All dimensions are in Inches. Use the picture above to help fill out the following: * Indicates required fields.)


Standard Circular Worksheet  
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Curb Gasket:
$15 / Roll
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Foam tape 1/2" thick x 1-1/2" wide x 25' long. Adhesive on one side only. Used to seal curb mount skylights to curb.
Tube of Silicone:
$14 / Tube
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10.3 oz tube with tip.Used for most-weather applications including Polycarbonate and copper cladding. (See mfr's website) Available in Black, Gray and White ONLY.
Condensation is not a skylight defect, it’s a result of atmospheric conditions inside and outside of the building.   


Glazing Distortion:
All Glazing (transparent material on skylights) will have inherent minor distortion especially when viewed at an angle.   


Inspections & Maintenance:
Skylights and Translucent Wall Systems should be inspected yearly and will require maintenance approximately every 1 to 5 years.  


Expansion and Contraction:
AiA Skylights are designed to structurally account for expansion and contraction.  Occasionally there may be audible popping noises especially with acrylic domes.  Please contact AiA for more information.