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Curb Mount Skylights

AiA Industries, Inc. specializes in building Curb Mount Skylights of any size and quantity at affordable prices.

Curb Mount Skylights come in 3 glazing styles using the same thermally broken frame:

Standard glazing is a set of Acrylic domes with options for impact resistant & Heatblock 365. Acrylic domes can be installed on most roof pitches.
Optional Polycarbonate glazing in 16mm thick 3-wall polycarbonate glazing. This option requires a roof or curb that is sloped with a minimum of a 2:12 pitch.
Optional Insulated Low-E safety glass is 1" thick insulated laminated glass. This option requires a roof or curb that is sloped with a minimum of a 2:12 pitch.


Curb Mount Skylights are installed on top of existing roof curbs. A good analogy is the Skylight is like the "lid" on a shoe box, with the "shoe box" being the roof curb. The key to proper sizing is taking the correct outside curb dimension (OCD).

Please call and ask for our Curb Mount Skylight experts at (303) 296-9696 or visit our Curb Mount Skylight Quote Request form.

curb mount skylight
curb mount skylights
Existing Wood Curb
is part of roof
New Curb
Mount Skylight

Curb Mount Skylight Details

curb mount skylight
flat glass curb mount skylights
formed pyramid curb mount skylight
Curb Mount Skylight
Flat Glass Curb Mount Skylight
Formed Pyramid Curb Mount Skylight
operable curb mount skylight
ridge curb mount skylight
single slope curb mount skylight
Operable Curb Mount Skylight
Ridge Curb Mount Skylight
Single Slope Curb Mount Skylight