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Impact Resistant Skylights

AiA skylights are factory sealed and assembled for quick and easy installation. By allowing the installer to use a site built, pre-fabricated or any type of existing curb to meet a specific job application. Skylight styles that allow use on any pitched or flat roof with any type of shingle, tile, or built up application. Our skylight frames come with pre-positioned fastener holes to insure proper attachment to the curb. An integral condensation gutter traps any moisture that may accumulate and allows this moisture to escape to the outside of the skylight. Acrylic skylight domes are available in bronze, white, or clear.  The top glazing is also sealed to the frame with Structural Sealant. Our aluminum skylight frames are available in either clear anodized or dark bronze anodized finishes.

To get an idea of how a standard acrylic skylight compares to an impact resistant polycarbonate skylight, we have posted a couple of videos on YouTube.

There are few materials that can be utilized to create an impact resistant skylight. 

Glass consisting of tempered over laminated glass - available with multiple color and treatment options. Glass skylights work best when used on a pitched roof to supply ample drainage of water.

Architectural multi wall Polycarbonate – virtually indestructible, light weight and also available in multiple color options. Applications are limited to a sloped or pitched roof of at least 2/12. The Flutes must run with the slope allowing condensation to drain.

Standard Polycarbonate sheet vacuum formed into a "dome" shape. This dome shape allows these skylights to be used in either a flat or pitched roof.  Color options are clear, white or bronze tinted.

The final option is to go with thicker acrylic. 1/8" thick is standard for smaller skylights. We offer 3/16", 1/4" and 3/8" as alternatives to the standard thickness. This does not give the same impact rating as polycarbonate but does give you better resistance on impact and its not as expensive as polycarbonate.


Acrylic Skylight vs Hammer Video

Impact Resistant Skylight vs Hammer Video