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AiA Skylights

AiA Skylights is a custom manufacturer of quality plastic and structural glass skylights for residential and commercial applications.

AiA has provided architects, homeowners and general contractors high quality designs, performance and affordability with daylighting for over 33 years. Providing Skylights across the USA.

About AiA Skylights

Contact Information

290 E 56th Ave Denver, CO 80216

303-296-9696 : 800-748-2036


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Quality, High Performance, & Affordable!

AiA Skylights are the culmination of many years of designing attractive high quality skylights for residential and commercial applications. AiA skylights deliver maximum protection from winter heat loss and summer heat gain with our thermal break aluminum frames and glazing seal design.

They are easily installed on all roof designs using wood or metal curbs and standard flashing. AiA skylights offer natural daylight and energy management for any type of space.

Commercial & Residential Skylights

AiA Skylights offers a wide range of quality Standard Skylights, Structural Skylights, Circular Skylights, Replacement Dome Skylights, and Active Daylighting Systems.

AiA Skylights offers great residential designs for contractors, large commercial applications, consumers and home builders. AiA also offers new and innovative skylight technology, a wide-range selection of skylights, and quick installation from experienced professionals.