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Skylight Shades

Skylight Shades & Skylight Blinds

A.I.A. Industries skylights provide natural light and beauty to any given architectural space. Sometimes this beauty needs to be controlled, that's when blinds and shade systems are employed. Such systems offer complete control of the amount of daylight that enters the space, thus reducing the amount of heat gain, UV exposure and glare.

Skylight shades are economical, easy to install and an ease to operate.

Light Control & Materials

With the skylight treatment, you can select the amount of light transmission you will want from your skylight shade or blind. The two options being a light filtering semi-opaque shade or a blackout shade for maximum light control.

A blackout blind can change day to night. In a TV room or bedroom where total room darkening is desired, this is the blind or shade of choice. It also adds the highest level of heat protection.

A roller blind offers diffused, glare free light and is ideal for rooms like kitchens and bathrooms.

Most skylight shades and blinds are available in a variety of durable fabrics, textures, and fade-resistant designer colors. The choice of fabric not only gives you the ability to control the amount of light transmission and solar heat gain, but allows a decorative statement in your living space.


Skylight shades run on interior tracks and are controlled with a handle that is manually or electronically operated.

Most skylight shades or blinds will operate in any orientation - vertically, horizontally and sloped.

  skylight shade


We do not at this time provide shades / blinds for our skylights, but check back often because we are constantly developing new products.