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Structural Skylights

AiA Skylights has the experience, tools and ability to handle all of your structural skylight and sunspace needs.  With over 30 years experience, top of the line equipment and a great installation crew we can handle all of your day lighting needs. We specialize in one off custom skylights using extruded aluminum frames all professionally welded and sealed and your choice of either glass, structural polycarbonate or translucent fiberglass panels. Please feel free to share your ideas with us, we will be more then happy to help you make that idea come to life.

AiA Skylights' aluminum skylight systems utilize extruded aluminum members with integral condensate gutters, gasket pockets, concealed clips and fasteners. This offers a clean appearance, which structurally meets the required design loads and defection criteria of each project. All systems are designed to prevent air and moisture infiltration, utilizing gutter system to channel any moisture to the exterior of the structure.

AiA 2001 Non-structural Slope Glazing System: applied to aluminum, wood or steel structures provided by the contractor.

AiA 2010 Stuctural Slope Glazing System: self-supporting, utilizing aluminum shapes to support the required loads of the entire skylight.

Frame Finish: the standard aluminum finish is dark bronze or clear anodized. Full arrays of colors utilizing the latest powder coating techniques, enamel or KYNAR are available. The exterior may also be clad with copper or other metals to match the surrounding roof or flashing materials.

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